bijrani safari zone

Situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is most well known for being a tiger reserve. The park acts as a natural habitat for several animals, reptiles, and bird species and continues to be a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world.

The park is proud of its increasing tiger population in recent years and offers a Jungle Safari for tourists to get a glimpse of the king of the forest in its natural habitat.

The Bijrani jeep safari is the best way to see wild animals in their natural habitats. You’ll be able to see the tigers in their element and marvel at the landscape that they live in. The park is divided up into six ecological regions which are managed by the region’s administration. Safari tours take place throughout all six of these regions.

Bijrani Tourist Zone is a popular area within Corbett Tiger Reserve, and it’s teeming with diverse plant and animal life. Visitors can expect to see plenty of different species of flora and fauna during their stay.

The Bijrani zone is famous for its high population of tigers, and visitors always appreciate the beauty of the area. The landscape is a mix of dense forests, grasslands, and hills, with the entrance located at the Aamdanda Gate.

Birjani gives tough competition to the Dhikala zone when it comes to tourists’ preferences.

The Amdanda Gate is the main entry gate into the Bijrani Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located approximately one kilometer outside Ramnagar City. Visitors must first enter a buffer area of five kilometers before they reach the sanctuary itself.

There are two forest lodges in this region that take reservations for visitors to stay overnight. One lodge is called the Bijrani Lodge and the other is called the Malani Lodge.

Even though the day jeep safari tour doesn’t allow for an overnight stay at the park, you can still experience an elephant ride from here.

The elephant safari is a unique experience that is only available in the Bijrani and Dhikala zones. The number of elephants used for the safari ride is limited, so it is subject to availability.

The elephant safari must be booked when you arrive and it is given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Accommodation inside Bijrani Zone

There are two forest rest houses in Bijrani Zone: one at Bijrani and another at Malani. At Bijrani lodge, there are six rooms (four with doubles and two with singles), and a dormitory consisting of four beds. At Malani lodge, there are two rooms (double). Both offer breathtaking views of the surrounding forests.

The compound has its own restaurant and canteen, and you can also book elephant rides into the jungle from here. The region is unspoiled and full of wildlife, making it the perfect place to get away from it all.

This part of the park is very popular among bird watchers and tourists seeking a peaceful place, as the chances of spotting a tiger, Sloth bear, and herd of elephants is quite high here.

Bijrani is a beautiful, natural place that is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. The grasslands, forests, and waterways are magnificent, and the variety of life is inspiring.

Safari In Bijrani

Bijrani Safari Zone is a great place to see a variety of flora and fauna. It is situated at a convenient distance from Ramnagar and is the most popular choice for wildlife lovers visiting the park for a day trip. Bijrani Safari Zone offers its visitors a wonderful experience of the beauty of the forests.

Flora & Fauna at Bijrani Zone

The forests of Bijrani are ideal for a quiet and relaxing environment. They’re mainly covered by Sal trees, which grow into large grassy plains called Chaur. Bijrani has Machaan Chaur, Badhai Chaur, Ringora Chaur, etc.

At Bijrani, there are several types of deer and antelope, including chital, hogsdeer or panda, sambar and kakkar. Several types of deer and antelopes can be seen here, including chital (Axis axis), hog deer or para (Axis pornicus), sambar (Cervus unicolor), and Kakkar (Muntiacus muntjak).

A great place to spot Bengal tigers and wild elephants, this is also a preferred destination for birdwatchers.

These forests are a great place to spot sloth bears because they’re attracted to both termites and the sweet nectar of Mahua flowers.

The bears in this region have been known to get intoxicated from eating Mahua fruit. Reptiles like the Indian Python, Cobra, Krait, and King Cobra can also be found here, as well as different species of lizards.

How to Reach Bijrani Zone

The Amdanda gate is the entrance to the Bijrani zone, which is located about 2 kilometers from Ramnagar. Once you’ve entered through the Aamdanda gate, you’ll need to cross a buffer zone of 5 kilometers before reaching the core area of the Bijrani Eco-tourism zone.

Bijrani Eco-tourism Zone Entry Timing

The Bijrani Eco-tourism Zone can be entered via the Aamdanda Gate. The entry timing is as follows:

Winter Timings

Morning Safari – 07:00 amMorning Safari – 10:00 am
Evening Safari – 02:00 pmEvening Safari – 05:30 pm

Summer Timings

Morning Safari – 06:00 amMorning Safari – 09:30 am
Evening Safari – 03:00 pmEvening Safari – 06:30 pm

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