dhikala forest rest house

The Jhirna zone is one of the six tourism zones of the illustrious Jim Corbett Reserve Park, located on the southern edge of the Corbett reserve forest. The Jhirna zone is home to a large variety of flora and fauna, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Many years ago, this land used to be a village that was eventually relocated to another location. The land was then incorporated into a reserve park and developed into a densely grown forest with large grassland areas. These grassland areas became home to animals like nilgai, sambhar, cheetal, and wild boar.

Tourists love this zone for its higher likelihood of tiger sightings, as the animals are attracted to the area by the large populations of wild elephants and sloth bears. Besides the wildlife, the landscape is also lush and expansive, with a large grassland known as Chaur.

The Chaur is a great place for herbivores like elephants and deer, which in turn attracts predators like tigers. The area has plenty of rivers with warm stream beds and cliff edges, making it ideal for birding.

The Jhirna zone is the perfect place for bird watchers, as there is an abundance of different types of birds in the area. The best thing about the Jhirna zone is that it is open all year round for day safari, provided the weather conditions are favorable. This means that you can experience the best of what the park has to offer no matter what time of year it is!

Accommodation In Jhirna Forest Guest House

There is only one lodge in Jhirana Zone that offers accommodation for tourists. But there are no more than two rooms that can be reserved at any given time.

All of the bedrooms offer a double bed and an adjoining bathroom. Though the guest accommodations are large and the bathrooms are spotless, there are very few amenities available in the guest bedroom. Though the rooms are spacious and the bathrooms are clean, there are very few facilities provided in the room.

This forest guest house is the perfect place for true wildlife enthusiasts who want to stay in the jungle with a minimum of facilities. There is no electricity here except for solar electricity for limited use, so if you’re looking for a luxurious holiday, this isn’t the right accommodation for you.

Dining Facility In Jhirna Forest Guest House

The dining facility in Jhirna FRH is limited to a kitchen with a cook. This means that visitors have to bring their own raw materials to be cooked and served. The cook of the forest lodge will only cook vegetarian items provided by visitors. Wine is prohibited inside the forest lodge.

Activities At Jhirna Forest Lodge

The safari you booked at the entrance of the forest will take you to the FRH, where you can explore the deep insides of the forest during the day. The guest house is strategically placed in an area where you can find a large variety of birds, making it perfect for bird watching enthusiasts. In addition to that, the guest house has a large, clean open area as its compound where you can roam and relax quietly.

How And When To Visit Jhirna FRH

Although visitors are welcome to come during the day all year round, depending on the weather conditions, night stays at the Forest Rest House are only allowed from 15 November to 15 June. On the remaining days of the year, tourists are not permitted to stay overnight.

If you want to visit Corbett National Forest Reserve, you must first book a room at the Jhirni FRH (Forest Rest House), and then arrange for a jeep and safari guide to take you into the forest reserve. Both of these things are mandatory.

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